Dyffryn Tywi

Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro

The ‘Dyffryn Tywi – Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro’ project is a voyage of discovery along the river Tywi’s middle reaches.

It will explore how we lived with the land in the past, and how this past knowledge and understanding is relevant today, offering solutions to some of the environmental issues we face, both locally and more widely.

The project is about making connections: connecting up the landscape to support our wildlife and joining the dots between the valley’s well-loved heritage sites, to include less celebrated, but equally important stories.

By bringing together and sharing information about the natural and cultural history of the area, it aims to inspire people to connect and re-connect with the landscape of the valley, and work together to connect the Tywi Valley’s past with its future.

About the Dyffryn Tywi project

The ‘Dyffryn Tywi – Hanes Tirwedd Ein Bro’ project is all about the landscape of the middle Tywi Valley between Llandeilo and Carmarthen. It is about the history and culture of the valley, which are interwoven in the landscape that we see today, and also about the native animals and plants that thrive here.

© Copyright Dinefwr Photographic Society
© Copyright Dinefwr Photographic Society

Living with the land

The Tywi Valley is not just very beautiful, it’s also very useful. This is a working landscape with a strong farming community.

Learning from the land

In our modern quest for true sustainability, we need to understand people’s past relationship with nature.

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